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Green Filter Technology

Holland, Michigan, 2017-2022

I would like to tell you how please we are with the performance of our Ecosmarte well water point of entry system. Prior to installing the system we were using a iron removal system on our irrigation and a reverse osmosis system for our drinking water. We were also experiencing flow problems with our faucets and shower heads due to mineral buildup. John from Ecosmarte told us about the benefits of the system and we had our water tested. This is not a simple water test; it is sent to the National Testing Laboratories and tested for 150 items. The most significant result was that our water contained Arsenic in addition to high Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride and Sulfate. The water was also very hard. We elected to install as larger system to handle our whole house plus a large irrigation system. Ecosmarte, at no additional cost, provided an additional filtration tank to remove the Arsenic. Once the system was installed we had to make a few adjustments in our approach to our clean techniques, primarily not using chorine based products such as toilet bowl clearer and dishwasher rinse agents. When we first installed the system we elected to keep the reverse osmosis in place for our drinking water, but after 8 months we removed as it was not necessary. The system provides bottled quality drinking water at all our faucets thru out the house. All this is done without the need to do any maintenance the system or haul bags of salt to a softener.

At the same time we installed a Ecosmarte pool system for our in ground pool to eliminate the need for chemicals. After one season I can say we enjoyed a full season of a clear pool without the need for chorine or salt.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of chemical and salt free odorless water I highly recommend Ecosmarte water systems for your house and pool.

Charles Gebben
Holland, Michigan

Alabama, 2013-2022

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the glass pack. Installed it Saturday afternoon, ran it for about 6 hours then a full 12 hour day Sunday. I have to say I thought the water was clear before switching, but now it is completely transparent and you can see every single small flaw in the liner. If you ever have someone in Mobile that's on the fence on whether or not to get the glass or the ECOsmarte system you are welcome to send them to me for an inspection and recommendation.

Best Regards,

Mobile, Alabama

Texas, 2012

I have attached photos of our prototype spillover spa and basin, before and after we installed the ECOsmarte Spa Turbo Unit! The photos are not retouched except to enhance the color, not the cloudiness!!

David Turner

Two Rivers, Wisconsin, 2011-2022

We love the ECOsmarte system - it's so easy to keep our pool crystal clear, clean and chemical free!!!

Cathy Wick
Two Rivers, Wisconsin

South Dakota, September 2011 - Programmable Pool With New Glass Media Filter

Larry, I enjoyed speaking with you on the telephone about or system. We have had a really good year, now that our filtration system has been revamped. I am so pleased that my husband, John, snapped this picture before Combined Pool and Spa here in Sioux Falls re-did it. Also, we have purchased a Nitro pool cleaner which also helps. Our ECOsmarte system has been a breeze to care for this year! Your staff has been so wonderful and patient in helping me through these last 5 years. If I'd have known then what I know now!

South Dakota

Bridgeton, New Jersey 2010 Commercial Pool

Hi Sylvia,

It was good talking to you today. It has been a few months since meeting you guys in Minn/St. Paul.

You inquired of our experience with the ECOsmarte system and the Glass Media. We have made several installations in various applications; we wanted to find out where we could use the ECOsmarte system and Glass Media.

We have been in business since 1967 (43 yrs). In those 43 years we have tried pretty much all the different products offered to solve our water problems. Basically, we were a water softening business, selling and installing neutralizing filters and water softeners. I looked into the ECOsmarte system hoping for something new (salt free) that worked. I mention our time in business gives us some creditability.

We made several installations in different applications and are very pleased with the results. You asked about the Glass Media. In several small residential pools we have rebed the sand filters to Glass Media with great success. We upgraded a commercial swim club converting their 3000 pound sand filter to 3000 pound Glass Media.

The following is some of the data:

Georgetown Swim Club
Manor Lane
Bridgeton, N.J. 08302
Linda Carman Manager

Pool 110,000 gallons

When using the sand filter:
Pool needed to backwash every other day
Took 20 minutes

After rebedding with the Glass Media:
Pool needed to backwash every 7 days
Takes 8 minutes

I haven't figured the sewer and water savings.
Saved $2700.00 in chemicals. Next year should be a lot more because we will have a full season using the ECOsmarte system with the Glass Media.

Some comments from pool members and visiting members from other clubs during a swim meet:

The pool has never been so clear, the water sparkles
Swim suits are lasting longer, I haven't had to replace my kids swimming suit this year.
From my grandchildren: Pop-pop, my hair feels better and I like the feel of the water.

What did you do to your pool? The lane lines are so sharp, the water actually sparkles.

Sylvia, we are and those who we converted the sand filters are very satisfied with the quality of water after rebedding the filters. Don't hesitate to recommend the Glass Media. Our experience with the product has been very satisfying.

We have made installations on lawn irrigation systems and doing a great job.

Note: I installed a system in my home 8 months ago. Strange as it seems, after hearing the comments from my customers, pool members and guests, my comment to myself at that time when looking at the water in our toilet bowl was, "that water sparkles".

If you have any questions or if I can be any help please give me a call at 856-451-0620.

Dave Wilson

Corpus Christi, Texas 2010 Lake-Straining Resident

I have used your Glass Media for two years now, straining water from our dam reservoir as a pretreatment to my ECOsmarte Whole House Well system. The results are spectacular.
Terry Anderson

October, 2009 Saltwater Pool with Glass Media

Please keep me on your mailing list, as depending on what I do with the old epoxy liner of my pool, I may install Eco Smarte next year. I have been very pleased with the glass filtration medium.
Best regards
Wilson Laidlaw

Minnesota, September, 2009 Chemical Free Pool and Glasspack®

Hi ECOsmarte,
I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your products. I have a 1960s model Baker in-ground pool, about 20"X40” kidney shaped pool. It's always been difficult to keep clean due to all the trees and shrubs in our yard.
I'm pretty sure the big improvement is the result of changing the filter media from sand to the new Glass Pack filtration media.
Last year was really bad because I was gone much of the summer and never really got it clean. When I opened it this spring, it was about as bad as it could get -a real swamp. I cleaned it up in May, got the chemicals right and bought some new copper plates (mine were about the size of half a credit card and the screws could not be tightened any more). After I got it cleaned and balanced I left town from 6/29 to 7/16. I expected the worst when I returned, but was surprised that the water was as clear as it was when I left. I just had to vacuum the leaves etc. from the bottom.
Since that time I have added acid twice and have only added copper one day.
Thanks for delivering quality products and for your fine customer service staff.
Jerry Lindmeyer

Kansas 2009

Ken Criswell
Kansas City, KS

Louisiana 2009

Just wanted to say you guys have a great system. I bought my system last fall and installed it this spring when I opened my pool. The installation was simple and I had it up and running in about an hour. Your start up instructions were great, In a matter of a few weeks my pool looks better than ever and the best part about it is the very low maintenance and no chemicals. Two or three of my neighbors are watching closely to see if anything changes as the water temperature increases during the summer. If everything stays the way it is now I suspect you will have a few new customers. Thank you for the time you spent explaining to me how your system works and most of all convincing me to try it with a money back guarantee.
Keith Graves
Lakeland, Louisiana

Georgia, April 2009

Tommy Norris
Augusta, GA

Hawaii 2008 Vanishing Edge

It's refreshing to finally purchase a product that does exactly what it advertises and works perfectly!

(Glasspack® with ECOsmarte®)

Autocover, North Carolina, December 2008

We love our chemical-free pool.
Hillsborough, NC

Texas, October 2008

I am extremely happy with my Ecosmarte Chemical-Free pool and my builder Jerry Stratton of Reflections Pools.
W. Avery
Dallas, Texas

Hawaii, November 2008

It's refreshing to finally purchase a product that does exactly what it advertises and works perfectly!

August 2008

As it is now almost four months since you installed the ECOsmarte system at Topsham Pool, and we are nearly at the end of our season, I thought now is a good time to update you on our progress so far. We are delighted with the result. The water is really crystal clear and a joy to swim in and is just like swimming in bottled water - no more complaints of stinging eyes or costumes losing their colour. In fact we have not had a single complaint about the pool water this year.
As you know, we are a privately owned 25 x 10 metre pool open to the general public. Since you installed Eco Smarte we have had approximately 35,000 swimmers to the pool and it is amazing the number of people that have commented on the quality of the water. The most asked question is "How do you manage to keep your pool water so good?" One couple told me that they had travelled all over the world and had never had a swim in pool water so good.
At our busiest time, on a good sunny day when the pool is crowded all day, the water quality stays the same. We don't have the cloudy effect after a heavy bathing load that we used to get when dosing with chlorine.
I would just add that all the committee are more than pleased with the results of ECO Smarte it was money very well spent. I would have no hesitation in recommending ECO Smarte in any future installations.
Kind Regards
Cyril Harrison
Topsham Swimming Pool
United Kingdom

Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 2008 - February 2022

Doughboy 5 YEAR Testimonial
David and Maria Womble
Andover, MN

California, May 2008

I can't believe how easy your pool system has been - we're considering becoming a dealer.
My pool still can't believe it!
Robin Leon
Crest, CA

Texas, May 2008

We really like the chemical free system from ECOsmarte.
Our eyes do not get irritated as in Chlorine pools and there are not any chemical odors.
Our skin actually feels fresh and not dried out.
Thanks, Brent Banker
Lumberton, TX

Long Island, New York, April 2008

ECOsmarte - clearest water ever!
James McKay
Long Island, NY

North Carolina, May, 2006

Dear Mr. Johnson:
I am writing to let you know how much our family loves our swimming pool since we purchased the ionic water purification system from ECOsmarte. We live in Central Pennsylvania and have an 18ft. x 36 ft. in the ground pool of twenty seven years. During this period of time we have tried several methods of water purification. We started with and used chlorine (HTH) for thirteen years and then switched to baquacil for four years and finally in 1996 we purchased the ionic purification system from ECOsmarte which we are currently using and like very much. The great thing about the ionic purification system is that once you get your water chemistry in balance there is very little work to maintaining a picture perfect pool. More important is the fact that this system provides you pure water without any toxic chemicals and at the same time saves you the expense of those chemicals. In addition, the ionic system uses very little electricity so it is inexpensive to operate. After using all three methods of purifying our pool water I would recommend the ionic purification system by ECOsmarte over all the other methods. You can't beat this system with all the advantages it has to offer.
Thank you.
Roger Guss.

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