- Lower your microns of filtration while saving 300% of the water.

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Green Filter Technology

Water Filtration Products : Save 75% of the Backwash Water recommends filters manufactured by two North American Filter Corporations

  • Water Filters configured with GlassPack Media by Pentair, Hayward, Vortisand and Yardley.

    Over 10,000 installs on these models since 2006
    1. Hayward S244T Fitler
      Hayward #S244T
      • Capacity:300 Pounds
      • GPM Maximum:62
      • HP:¾ - 1
      Water Filter with clear glassWe have installed white glass only in this filter for demonstration purposes.
    2. Pentair TA60 Filter
      Pentair #TA60
      • Capacity:325 Pounds
      • GPM Maximum:62
      • HP:¾ - 1
      Pad Filter w/Pump


      Pad Filter with Pump

      Pentair TA100 Glasspack Filter with 1.5HP Pump on PAD.
      Ships worldwide FOB Phoenix AZ
      Call or email for pricing.

    3. Pentair TA100 Filter
      Pentair #TA100
      • Capacity:600 Pounds
      • GPM Maximum:100
      • HP:1 - 1½
    4. Pentair TR140 Filter
      Pentair #TR140
      • Capacity:900 Pounds
      • GPM Maximum:141
      • HP:1½ - 2½
  • Incompatible Filters:
    • Sta Rite System 3 Sand and its prior engineering platform, "Swim Quip" - pre 1989. Both filters have a saucer like disc at the top of their distributor tube that collects algae and biofilms.

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No odor, no algae, no bagfilters

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Glass Pack® is made from 100% Post Consumer WasteGlass Pack® is a product of EcoSmarte