- Lower your microns of filtration while saving 300% of the water.

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Green Filter Technology

Commercial Water Applications for Glass Pack® Media

Glass Pack® Media has replaced conventional bag, cartridge and sand filters in the following commercial/industrial applications:

ECOsmarte has eleven year site histories on prevention of: Legionella, fusarium, nematode in cooling tower stacks and chiller bundles.
15,000 sites since 2006
  1. Side stream of cooling tower or chiller bundle; full flow too
  2. Recirculation and reuse of waste water
  3. Pre filtration of river or lake water for primary residential use.
  4. Any Application requiring a particle filter for a low pressure, high flow rate application
  5. Ponds, tail pond water, pulp water
  6. WQA listed to NSF 61 and NSF 50 (2009-2014)

Complete Application List

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Niche Applications/Sites for Glass Pack® Media when used with ECOsmarte

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Glass Pack® is made from 100% Post Consumer WasteGlass Pack® is a product of EcoSmarte