- Lower your microns of filtration while saving 300% of the water.

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Glass Pack® Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Will this system work with Baqucil?

    A: Better than any system on the market.

  • Q:I have a slide valve on my sand filter will Glass Pack® work?

    A: Yes, Glass Pack® provides better performance over sand or Zeolite. Consider upgrading to a backwash, multiport valve, it will fully purge your filter and is easy to change when you put the Glass Pack® in.

  • Q:What does it cost and where can I get it?

    A: $1 per lb of filter capacity. Glass Pack® is now in-stock in 37 U.S states, Canada, Northern Europe, Western Europe and Asia Pacific. Find Glass Pack® Local or Order Glass Pack® from our online store

  • Q:What if the glass gets in my pool, isn’t that dangerous?

    A: Glass Pack® is machined to a sugar like consistency and will not damage either the pool or the people, in the unlikely event it gets in the pool. The filter bed has a pea gravel base, similar to a fine carbon dust in a whole house filter, the pea gravel base prevents glass from entering the pool through the laterals, and the glass is smoother to the touch than 20 quartz silica or ZEOlite.

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No odor, no algae, no bagfilters

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Glass Pack® is made from 100% Post Consumer WasteGlass Pack® is a product of EcoSmarte